The Latest Movies in the US – October 2017

Here is my take on the latest movie showings in Cinema theatres. To no surprise current movie selection will leave you shaking and shivering, literally!

Many critics have praised Michael Fassbender’s performance in the thriller The Snowman and it has become one of the most popular films this month so far. With everyone’s favorite holiday Halloween just around the corner it is not much of a surprise that most of the selection is filled with horror and thriller movies. Happy Death Day has a supernatural element to its horror genre and has been a popular choice. The detective Jigsaw portrays a gruesome murderer of the name “Jigsaw” that has been long dead but has suddenly reappeared, baffling the police officers through the whole of investigation process.

A movie I am particularly looking forward to is The Foreigner. An Action thriller about a restaurant owner in London, played by Jackie Chan who seeks revenge on a rogue Irish terrorist group who are responsible for the death of his daughter. It could be one of his best serious movie roles so far. A slightly different approach to a Halloween one is the movie Geostorm. The plot is about a series of natural disasters threatening the planet and how the world’s leaders need to come together to create a solution for this. It is full of Sci-Fi and scientific appeal and could be the winner of the month!

As you might know I am not a huge Cinema fan. I love to watch movies online on my laptop and enjoy it in my own space. I haven’t been to the movie theatre in quite some time and only relied on Netflix. However, with the spooky holiday on the way I will definitely go out and enjoy one or two of the amazing movies that are coming out this month!…